A calling ...

"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims."

"Make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."

- Buckminster Fuller

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Lonely Outlier

Mr. Tucker's video caught my attention and sparked my creativity ... Not sure how this ends.

The Lonely Outlier 

Once upon a time, there was a mostly happy kingdom named Central Tendency, where all the houses were painted in similar colors, and everybody typically wore the same style of clothes, maintained the same hairstyle, ate the same foods, listened to a single genre of music, woke up, went to work, and went to bed at about the same time, and none of the adults ever complained within earshot of other adults. The kingdom was clean, safe, and nobody ever went to bed hungry.

The problem that mostly stood out within the Kingdom of Central Tendency was that, sometimes, life could get a little boring for the children, who wondered why King Normal never allowed anybody to experiment with different colors, different styles, or different flavors. Whenever there was a full moon, the children of Central Tendency would exclaim excitedly just before going to bed, “We’re bored! We want to stay up past our bed times and explore the shadows of the night!

Every time the full moon began to rise, parents all across the Kingdom of Central Tendency, within their similar houses, would present a similarly worried expression, look around to make sure no other adults were listening, and reply in hushed tones, “Why would you want to fix what isn’t broken? Are you not well fed, well clothed, and do you not enjoy safety in numbers? Stop complaining before anybody notices that you are out of line.” As the moon began to wane, life would go back to normal in the Kingdom of Central Tendency.

One night, a comet suddenly flashed across and briefly lit up the starry sky like an approaching passenger train. Then, the winds began to rise and trees began to rock back and forth violently. Without warning, a black cat crossed right in front of King Normal and screeched menacingly. Then, as if to warn King Normal, a raven hopped upon the King’s shoulder, turned its head, and began speaking to the King in the language of Ravens, a language with which the King was unfamiliar. King Normal thought to himself, “How odd? I wonder what the Raven is trying to tell me.”

At about the same time as King Normal was experiencing the weird event with the black cat, a pair of twins was born in an odd little house located in the outlands beyond the borders of Central Tendency, in a region known as the Land of Outliers. The twins from the Land of Outliers, who were brothers, could not have had more different personalities from each other or behaved more differently than the citizens of Central Tendency normally behaved.

The first twin was a strange, ugly child, with a disfigured face, and an unpredictable, rancorous disposition named Outcast. When Outcast became a teenager, this unsightly, odd, and malevolent child decided on his own to leave his childhood home without telling anyone and travel the road to Central Tendency to wreak havoc. Outcast scowled, and howled a maniacal, cartoon character laugh as he set off on the road to Central Tendency, with devious plans to disrupt everything normal.

The second twin was a brilliant, handsome, athletic, ingenious child named Outstanding. Outstanding’s greatest gift was an ability to make everybody he came across laugh uncontrollably. Unlike his evil twin, Outcast, Outstanding was lovingly sent out on the road to Central Tendency with his parent’s blessing, with a mission to save the Kingdom of Central Tendency from his brother Outcast, because his parents knew that the people of Central Tendency were totally unprepared for the fury that was headed their way…