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- Buckminster Fuller

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bluetooth Dongle Solution / Correction: ASUS Bluetooth Driver Windows 8.1

Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth driver (Windows 8.1)/

The most active post on this Blog over the past few months has been where I explained, that when I updated from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 8, an unfortunate side-affect was that my ASUS bluetooth dongle stopped working. Today, hoping to listen to music on my Bluevibe F1T headset while grading papers, I revisited my old, unresolved bluetooth dongle issue. Solution found!

In the months since I last tried to use a bluetooth dongle so that I could play music from my computer to my headset, an updated driver has been released for Windows 8.1 bluetooth devices. I downloaded the updated driver (see link above). The new driver worked. Hallelujah!

In order to make Bluetooth work, I still needed to go to the Control Panel, and adjust a few Bluetooth settings through Windows. and I also needed to adjust my sound card so that my sound would default to my headset. Otherwise, the solution was painless.