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- Buckminster Fuller

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need to Know Financial Literacy Information (Credit) PDF Free Download

Benjamin N. Cardozo HS - Economics
National Council on Economic Education, "Spending and Credit are Serious Business," Theme 4, PDF download.

Today, I was subbing in a high school business class where students were assigned to complete a package on the upsides, downsides, and evaluation of consumer credit. Only a few of the students, took the assignment seriously, despite my statement that the information was as useful as anything a student could learn in high school. Tonight, I did some searching, and I found a link where the financial literacy package could be obtained gratis.

Click on the link to "credit", and you can download Theme 4. Any parent with a student in high school should make these materials available to their children. A few smart ones took advantage of my experience in finance, most of which I learned in the early 1990's working with Larry Richards in the credit department for Allied Plywood Corporation.

As an adult, I understand the importance of maintaining a strong credit score in getting a car loan, buying a house, and obtaining credit in general. High school students, who will be going to college in a few years, renting apartments, and purchasing cars, need to know this information. How many young people ruin their credit just when they are getting started in life?

Even if most of the students didn't use the information, I used it to research educational loans. Plus, I discovered that I could obtain a free credit report from any one of the 3 major credit reporting services and pulled my credit report. In the process, I started my FAFSA (Financial Aid Report). After doing the research, I'm feeling much better about financing my 1-year Master of Education program, where I'll be a full-time student. Maybe I won't have to cash in my retirement after all.