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- Buckminster Fuller

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bluetooth USB dongle Windows 8 Compatibility Issue

My wife Karen wants to stream music from her new $300 Windows 8 laptop, purchased from Walmart, to a $50 Soundfreaq bluetooth speaker she purchased from Radio Shack. Today, I have been on the hunt for a bluetooth USB dongle that will allow a Windows 8 laptop to connect to a bluetooth speaker. Before today, I thought it would be easy to use bluetooth to connect a speaker wirelessly to a laptop. No such luck!

First, the ASUS BT211 bluetooth USB dongles that I ordered from Walmart two weeks ago were delayed. No problem, I thought, I could simply drive over to Micro Center on Nutley Street in Fairfax and cancel the ones on order from Walmart. Problem solved, or so I thought.

Second, when I tried to pair the speaker with the laptop, I found that the ASUS BT211 bluetooth dongle did not work, even though the device seemed to be recognized as a device in Windows 8. Then, Karen handed me the installation mini CD -- I hung my head, since I had never read the directions. After waiting forever while the cd drive made an unhappy sound, nothing seemed to be loading so I gave up. When I searched on the net, there were no Windows 8 drivers available for the device. I could not find a single example of the ASUS BT211 bluetooth dongle working with Windows 8. Every review I found indicated that the ASUS BT211 is incompatible with Windows 8. Apparently, Windows 8 is not supported -- it is not listed on the package, nor is it listed anywhere on the website. Micro Center, please take it back!

What to do?

After considerable searching for a bluetooth dongle that is Windows 8 compatible, I came across Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter - For Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista - Compatible with Bluetooth stereo headphones and other Bluetooth peripherals. I purchased directly from Kinovo and ordered two dongles to arrive Standard Shipping. If the Kinovo BTD-400 4.0 USB Adapter works with a Windows 8 laptop -- on sale, 2 for $30 with no shipping / handling fee.